Welcome to Porvoo Triennial 17.6.-20.8.2017

Drawing is a common Thing”

Porvoo Triennial offers us different ways of understanding and perceiving our world through drawing with the eyes of over 20 artists, different working groups and one artist group. Three dimensional space are used by Kaisu Koivisto, John Court, Joakim Stampe, Chuyia Chia, Vappu Rossi, Mika Karhu, Karoliina Hellberg, Sampsa Indrén, Jyrki Riekki and artist group Ilomiehet / Joymen. Two dimensional expression are used by Elina Merenmies, Dany Danino, John Rasimus, Tatu Tuominen, Heikki Leis, Henry Wuorila-Stenberg, Outi Koivisto, Oliver Whitehead, Stig Baumgartner and Päivikki Kallio. Fourth dimension phenomenas, moving image and sound are mainly used by Tatu Tuominen in his video work, Vappu Rossi in her animations and working group “Prayer” with the visual artist Mika Karhu, video artist Raimo Uunila, dancer/choreographer Panu Varstala and opera singer Aino Peltomaa. This division for the technocrats… For the humanists the division ends up more to the various states of the psyche, the depths of the unconscious, the various forms of perception, muscle memory, creating spatial illusions, nature and even the critical perceptions of it, researching the limits of the human body, communication between us and a lot of other things You should find out Yourselves!

We want to bring along collaboration, communality and different ways of working together.

As Examples among others following:

Communal drawing in the clothesline installation “Gravity” by Kaisu Koivisto finding its form at the Citymarket alley, voluntary workers and clothesline.

Porvoo Artist Association invites its members to break their Taboos at the Dark Room Gallery.

Vappu Rossi will find new look for Porvoo Taxi cabin at the Market Square and at Grand Cultural Center with her drawing animations.

John Court is combining performance and drawing in the Art Factory area and also at the Art Hall.

At Porvoo Museum we want to encourage people to draw together as simple as with ballpoint pen and regular paper exhibited in one of the museum rooms with the help of simple instruction board and couple groupdrawing examples.

The old Town inhabitants are invited to order a stone/rock painting to their yards and streets and also to participate to a communal drawing Path which will be exposed in their windows.

Chuyia Chia is getting in contact with people in Porvoo with the help of her performance “A red thread between Us”. The documentary part of her peace is exhibited at Runeberg museum and at the opening week she is performing in several places around the city.

Artistgroup Joymen is working straight to the walls of shopping mall Lundi with powdered sugar and food colour.

Outi Koivisto is showing us the connection of text and drawing on the grey walls of Porvoo main bridge.

Karoliina Hellberg are bringing their drawing installation to the floating restaurant boat at Paahtimo Restaurant nearby the main Porvoo bridge.


In the traditional indoor exhibition spaces at Porvoo Art Hall and Corner Gallery at Porvoo Art Factory and the old Town gallery Kappalaisentalo we are exhibiting the more two dimensional drawings and the more vulnerable installative pieces of art.

Henry Wuorila-Stenberg opens up his whole lifetime production of paperworks which becomes a specific retrospection seen through intensive, sensitive and powerful paperworks in gallery Kappalaisentalo at the Old Town Hall square. And also at the inner yard Kaisu Koivisto is installing her sculptures showing us the dynamic structures of drawing in her sculptures.

At Porvoo Art Hall and Corner Gallery we will have ten artists showing us the variety and infinite possibilities of drawing. And here they come…

Stig Baumgartner is showing us the physical and mental borders of a body

Heikki Leis is astonishing us with the intensive precision of his perception

Päivikki Kallio is measuring the tolerance of our short history with the help of memory and time

Outi Koivisto is drawing us the different realities of a landscape

Oliver Whitehead is clearing us the essence of posing with classic charcoals

Mika Karhu is drawing ears from the wall with a metafysical thought

John Rasimus is exhibiting at least one hundread drawings where the thought and the drawing starngely turning upside down

Sampsa Indrén is combing sports and drawing in his fight drawing installation

Elina Merenmies is showing in her ink drawings the inner feelings in a beatyful and sometimes even in a barbarous ways.

Dany Danino is drawing different worlds in his fascinating ballpoint pen like printouts

And hey, these are my selections from the world of drawings – and hey! We are at least around 700 000 000 differently drawing people here…!


Petri Hytönen in Rome 22.4.2017

Porvoon Triennaalista 2017 voit kuunnella lisää podcastista Radio Vegan ohjelmassa.
Kuuntele 15 minuutista eteenpäin.

I programmet av Borgå Triennalen hörs John Rasimus och Petri Hytönen.